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Praxis für biologische und ganzheitliche Zahnmedizin

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Dr. Alexander Neubauer is one of the first certified specialists for biological dental medicine and ceramic implants (ISMI).

He has many years of experience in the areas of surgery, implantology and metal-free prosthetic restoration. Since 2004, he has been working in his own dental clinic in Bavaria / Germany. Due to his numerous special trainings, he received several certifications early on, including in implantology (DGI) and craniofacial orthopedics. He is also the head of a supra-regional medical and therapeutic network and a sought-after consultant in the field of biological dentistry. As an experienced surgeon and implantologist, he is active in "Flying Educational Service" at swissdentalsolutions to train dentists in the field of ceramic implants and surgical procedures.

Since 2017, Dr. Neubauer has been a specialist of the Swiss Biohealth Clinic team in CH-Kreuzlingen, working together with Dr. Volz and the head of the Medical Department Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (i.a. Sophia Health Institute, USA).
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Eine Zahnbehandlung in Vollnarkose kann (nach ausführlicher Anamnese, Aufklärung und Abwägung von Nutzen und Risiken) die Lösung bei aufwändigen Eingriffen, für Angstpatienten, behandlungsunwillige oder behinderte Kinder sein.
Die Narkose wird in der Praxis durch einen erfahrenen Anästhesisten ausgeführt und auch intensiv überwacht. Bitte sprechen Sie uns an wenn Sie weitere Informationen zu dem Thema ITN- Behandlung wünschen.

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