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Dr. Alexander Neubauer

Dr. Alexander Neubauer

Here applies: Seeing more is knowing more!

Digitale Volumentomographie (DVT)Digital volume tomography (DVT) The digital volume tomography

A conventional x-ray image can provide the dentist with a lot of information about the condition of the teeth and jaw bone. Unfortunately, however, this technology also has its limitations and there are diseases such as chronic inflammation or an oral interference field in the jaw, where this technique cannot provide clear diagnostic results or does not correctly represent the altered zones. The examination method of digital volume tomography, DVT for short, offers completely different possibilities. Where a classical X-ray image only provides a two-dimensional view, the technique can be used to generate a picture with much more information for the attending physician - and that is three-dimensional. Particularly the structures of the jaw, the teeth and their changes can be seen "from all sides" with DVT. This represents a great advantage in the field of diagnostics. Changes, which are not visible in the classical X-ray image, can be clearly recognized by the 3D method. Thus, it is easier for the attending dentist to make an accurate diagnosis.

High priority and "low-dose technology"

In our dental clinic, we use modern DVT technology and - depending on the case - we treat our patients with great success. The state-of-the-art "low dose" technology of our device allows us to make DVT recordings in the range of a conventional 2D X-ray image with regard to the radiation exposure. This means: No more additional exposure to radiation compared to conventional images, but a clear added value by the three-dimensional images in the DVT. If necessary, it is also possible to only depict individual jaw sections.

Simply contact us.

If we consider an intervention to be necessary, we will offer you this examination procedure directly. On the other hand, if you have a certain problem, you can also ask us about the technology. During a detailed discussion, we will then determine whether we consider the use of the DVT technique useful or not.

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