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Dr. Alexander Neubauer

Dr. Alexander Neubauer

Many studies show the harmful effects of amalgam. There are better and above all healthier alternatives! I do not want amalgam in my mouth!

Stress-free technique of amalgam removal

Amalgam contains mercury, which is a highly toxic neurotoxin. However, our many years of experience and the application of extensive protective measures make it possible to remove amalgam fillings gently and safely. The safety begins with the drilling and the isolation of the teeth and involves several protective measures:

Maximum protection for your health:

  1. Dental dam
    For better protection against the mercury vapors when inhaling, we will put a protective rubber sheet (clamping rubber on a metal frame) on you. The dental dam thus isolates the tooth from the rest of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tracts. This provides protection against vapors and drilling dust. Amalgam residues no longer enter the oral cavity and cannot be swallowed.
  2. Special clean-up suction system
    A special suction system reduces the exposure to mercury vapor by more than 90%. Amalgam residues and vapors are sucked off directly at the tooth.
  3. Oxygen
    In addition, we offer you the possibility to supply you with additional oxygen during the drilling by means of oxygen glasses and an oxygen device.
  4. Rinse with sodium thiosulfate
    This binds and neutralizes the amalgam still remaining in the tooth tissue, which cannot be achieved by drilling.
  5. Special drill
    Only specially designed drills with a special interlock are used which ensure minimal heating of the filling and thus the lowest possible release of the mercury vapor.
  6. Low speed
    This reduces the formation of mercury vapor.
  7. Levering
    We drill as little as possible and as much as necessary. The removal of the amalgam filling via levering has priority. Levering has the advantage that toxic mercury vapors cannot occur at all. Thus, this method represents the least risk for the patient to inhale mercury vapors.


Fragen zum Thema Amalgam.

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